Frequently asked questions

Q. How much notice needs to be given when booking a courier, especially last minute?

A. Absolutely no notice at all, this is what we specialise in - providing we have a vehicle available, we will aim to dispatch immediately.

Q. Do you operate evenings, weekends and bank holidays?

A. Yes, providing weather permits us and vehicle availability, we are very flexible.

Q. I found your website for motorcycle couriers, it seems you do not move bikes?

A. That is correct, we ride bikes and not move them, you require "bike/motorcycle movers/transportation".

Q. Do you use electronic scanners? As we're afraid the scanning equipment will interfere with our electronic equipment we're sending. We have had problems in the past.

A. No we don't use scanners, we use pen and paper, we can with permission & at your request take photographic/video evidence as further proof as well.

Q. Can you obtain my passport or visa without me being present?

A. Yes. If you're unable to attend an appointment or collect your passport yourself, you can ask someone else to do this for you. However, IPS can only issue your passport if you're in the UK at the time. Please see look at IPS link for more helpfull information.

Also if you are coming from a different country to the UK to continue onto another country that requires your visa, and the visa is in the UK waiting for collection and you cannot collect in person, We can act on your behalf with authorisation, to collect and deliver your important document to a named place, hotel or airport so this gives you peace of mind hassle free service.

Q. Why should I use the services of a same day dedicated express courier, compared to same day or next day couriers/carriers?

A. If you want delivery soon after collection has taken place without being lost, damaged or stolen then this service is for you, we are in affect your personal courier service, if you want cheap, delivered in 24/48hrs that's fine, but as documented by channel 4 dispatches "missing mail" I think after watching this programme you may want to use the same day express service, knowing your goods are in safe hands.

Q. Do you deliver to mainland Europe same day?

A. Yes - providing adequate time is available, we can deliver to Mainland Europe via Eurotunnel - we are happy to collect and deliver anywhere. 

Q. Why is the price the same regardless of package size?

A. The size of package does not reflect on the running cost, Some may think that the smaller the package the cheaper it is, unfortunately this is not the case.
The cost does reflect on how urgent you require the package to be delivered.
If you want it delivered by a certain time thats close to waving a wand then you will be paying the highest premium basically.

The quoted price does include everything.

Basically the price quoted is the price you pay, unless theres additional waiting time.

Q. Are you Insured against Theft, Loss or damage to my goods?

A. Packages dont get lost or damaged in the sameday industry. How does a box or Tender get lost or damaged? you cannot just lose something. Parcels have been known to be damaged or go missing on certain overnight delivery companies (Just watch Channel 4 dispatches called missing mail), and their customers are expected to pay extra insurance against "loss". Funny really. Thats why our service costs more than a nextday courier its about quality and level of service with piece of mind delivery and your quote also includes Goods in Transit insurance for piece of mind.

So Yes! We are fully Insured against robbery, we have a 120% track record. We carry copies of all Insurances anyway just in case, but we can show these on request either in person or by Email. We exercise more care as your custom is important to us, and the Insurance is included in the cost.

  • We have Goods In Transit insurance in case of damage or robbery/theft.

  • We also have in place Public Liability.

  • We also have the correct motor Insurance for this line of work, which is Hire and Reward courier Insurance. Please note that having the Incorrect Motor Insurance for this line of work could mean the vehicle used may be impounded along with your consignment. Just a thought.

Q. Why does it cost more to use a motorcycle, than other type of vehicle carriers and next day parcel carriers?

A. Simply put we are a professional fast flexible courier service on a motorbike dedicated to you and no-one else, no hubs, no night trunking, no meeting up with other couriers to swap overs, just collect ride and deliver ...........

This simply costs us more to provide a quality direct service, its so much faster, secure and generally much better all round. Also motorcycles are more expensive to run than cars/vans, so we have to take this into account as well.

But having said that what is the package or contract worth to you, if it means not losing the contract then this service is definately is for you regardless of cost.

Our couriers will collect the package and take it directly to where it's going, it does not go to a hub for re-distribution, it cannot get lost, doesn't get damaged or left in vehicles anywhere. Most packages are handed to the reciever in a short space of time professionally.

Big Parcel carriers/couriers on the other hand will collect your package, often thrown into a van with hundreds of other packages, squashed into trucks then shipped to the midlands to be sorted, kicked about and crushed before being sent to a depot, (as seen on TV by channel 4 dispatches) then sorted for local delivery the next day, if you are lucky? that's if it hasn't gone missing! If all goes well it'll be put into another van and driven round until it finally reaches the address it is intended for, that is of course if it doesn't get destroyed or "lost" by the carrier company who have already charged you more money for insuring your parcel against their incompetance or dishonesty.

Quite simply, if it MUST get there, call us, it will be delivered soon after collection, we have never lost or damaged a customers parcel to date.

Q. Can I pay by credit or debit cards?

A. Yes either through PayPal or izettle via email or in person (we do not accept payments over the phone)

  • Visa / Delta / Electron

  • MasterCard / Eurocard

  • Discovery

  • Switch / Maestro / Solo

  • American Express

Debit cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

Q. My flight is a couple of hours away, and I have realised I forgotten to pack my passport, can I contact Gas Motorcycle Couriers to collect the passport quickly?

A. Gas motorcycle couriers will be more than happy to collect and deliver your passport regardless of the time of day/night. We will keep you informed all the way ensuring you get your passport in good time, we also operate out of hours at no extra charge. The price may rise depending on the URGENCY!! to compensate on the fuel usage and weare n tear though.

Q. Do you deliver timed tenders and will I receive a customer receipt?

A. Yes we act on instructions given, we deliver to the named person or the acting assistant, you will receive a named and signed confirmation slip with the specified time of delivery from the receiving client. Plus our own p.o.d will be signed and timed with "undisclosed client on the paperwork", you will also receive a confirmation call of delivery as part of our service, you will also receive either by post, email or in person the receipts.

Q. What can you carry?

A. We will carry almost anything that will fit on the motorcycle except Hazardous materials. We can carry flammable liquids if they are contained correctly ie printing inks etc, boxes, files and binders, medical, electrical goods, packages and parcels, parts, canvas, Jewellery, Important documents, Clothing basically if it fits and can be secured it can be transported, we also have large lockable panniers for additional carrying capacity. And for bulkier items we can arrange a small van.

Q. Do you charge extra for London congestion charge?

A. Bikes are congestion free, therefore the charge cannot be implemented on bikes within London Central, meaning the only fast transport in the capital is the bike, But since Mayor Khan has taken charge, charges may well apply if motorcycles are charged?

Q. Do I need to ring for a quote?

A. Yes! Its that personal service that counts, we really do like to help and are not here to empty your wallet for the sake of it, (although we are a business and like to try to pay our bills on time just like you do)
If there is anything out of the ordinary you want to discuss we are here to help, just ask - simple as that, if we can help or do something that little bit extra or out of the ordinary we will usually do it.

Q. How do I open an account with gas motorcycle couriers?

A. You can contact us on your requirements, you can click the account application link or we can send the application form by email along with T&C's, fill out the form and sign it, send it back to ourselves and after a company credit check a decision will be made and you will hear back within 24hrs on acceptance of account. Or use our services for a couple of occasions and you may qualify for an automatic account, We can authorise an account at our discretion.

Q. Why is payment requested within 14 days and not 30/60/90 days like most business's?

A. If you use our services you also agree to our Terms and Conditions. As a new client you are expected to pay for the service you use (You wouldn't buy your shopping on tick would you now). We are not interested in signing up as a supplier and having to abide by your payment terms, we, like the bigger companies also have to pay bills, and as a small independent business our cash flow would not allow us to accept 30/60/90 or 120+ working day payment options, our terms state payment within 14 days of Invoice date or due date unless by prior agreement. We also reserve the right to ask for payment up front.  If you like the service provided and think it's worth every penny plus you want to use us again then I suggest pay your Invoice on time!

And of course if payment has not been recieved we will not hesitate after a few reminders to send another Invoice with late payment charges and associated interest plus compensation for the period by email.

The biggest down fall for small business's is cash flow, but we like to keep control of ours.

So In the event of late payment we reserve the right under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998 to levy late payment charges, Interest & the associated cost of debt recovery.

Q. How can I get an approximate time for goods to be delivered and will I get a proof of receipt?

A. Providing enough time has been given we can deliver at specific times stated by the client, we can also give you an ETA on the move by mobile through bluetooth. We also receive regular traffic updates through the control room, our smart phones also receive traffic information through the internet on the move, you will receive on request a proof of delivery note with times, if it's a tender to be delivered you will also receive a signed and named confirmation receipt of time of delivery from the recipient as well as our signed proof of delivery, these can be sent through to you by email or by post at no extra charge.

Q. Will my consignment be safe and secure?

A. YES and we have in place for peace of mind transportation, Goods in Transit insurance up to £10,000, but once consignment has been handed to our riders, they are locked away securely until delivery, we then ride to the destination without stopping, thus reducing the risk of theft, we have a 100% good track record. We can also provide heavy duty secure anti tamper proof unique numbered plastic seal bags, a signature will be required before the placement of the seal at collection point, then a confirmation named signature will be required at delivery point before the unique seal is broken.

Q. I Would like you to collect from an Auction House and pay cash on delivery?

A. We would have to confirm with the auctions/antique specialist first whether the payment has cleared before making arrangements to collect the goods, as auctions and antique business's will not release the goods until payment has been cleared, this is standard practice due to scams. We would also have to clarify your home / email address and phone number (not Mobile) to accept Cash on delivery, we would also like to be notified on the value of the goods to be collected for insurance purposes if approved.

Q. Will a courier on motorbike be used for the whole journey as I'm worried that even though I have asked for a motorcycle, a van will be used to deliver my important package and the delivery is all about time?

A. YES! The collection and delivery process will be by Urgent courier on a Motorcycle. We advertise that we are use motorcycle's and this is the only way to transport packages quickly and effectively in a short space of time, unlike some who advertise they are motorcycle couriers but don't have access to one bike!

We are part of a network of couriers nationwide and also have available small/medium/large vans at our disposal.

Q. How do I give you a review?

A. There are plenty of ways of adding a review, here's a Link and a good place to start, Google, FreeIndex, Yell, Trustpilot, Cyclex business directory are good examples to start with.

 If its a negative review (not that we have encountered any or wish to encourage negative outcomes) we would like to hear about it and to give us the chance to try & resolve the issue first.

Q. Do you have any jobs and how do I get a job as a motorcycle courier with your company?

A. We don't offer full-time employment as such but do offer self-employment to the right candidate, small scooters and 125's are really of no use to us, due to the long distance's involved, but please jump to the employment page on the top, as all the required information that you need is on that page. we look forward to receiving your well set out C.V.

Q. Is Your Business on Social Media?

A. Yes. To Twitter under @GMC_Sheffield & Facebook.

 If you like what we do please feel free to like our page, here is the link.

Q. I cannot find your FreeIndex Reviews?

A. This FreeIndex Link will take you to The UK motorcycle courier directory, then click on our link which will take you direct to our reviews page.