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Passport and Visa service

Passport & Visa express service.

We collect/deliver to various passports and visa/embassy offices around London and Sheffield plus local Home Office UKBA at Vulcan & Steel House.

We also offer the same day wait and return service for passport applications. We use secure bags with anti-tamper proof unique numbered plastic seals to give peace of mind secure service. We believe in client confidentiality, so when booking please ask for this free service.

If you are happy with our quotation, the appropriate passport office / high commission / embassy or acting middle company that is holding your documents will require a letter/fax of authority from you (not always the case), asking us to act on your behalf either to submit an application or to collect a passport or visa. We will need copies of these letters to produce along with all necessary ID from you this can be photocopied if you are not in the UK, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you are unable to collect your visa because you are away on business or pleasure, and your half way stop point is the UK, but you are unable to continue your journey due to not having the visa. We can act on your behalf, to collect your passport take it to the visa company and also return with the completed visa and passport and return it to a designated place that you have instructed, such as your home, hotel, family member or airport, so you get the visa with peace of mind and in good time.

On collection/delivery, we require signatures for sealing and breaking our unique numbered anti tamper proof secure bags, we will need to see proper ID before handing over the passport / visa to you or your nominated representative; this is for your/our protection.

Additional Information

If you cannot attend your appointment or collect your passport or Visa.

For same day urgent passport collection and delivery, we will collect your completed passport or visa application plus payment and take it to the designated regional office securely by motorcycle.

Be advised we have no control over the processing times. Please call the passport advice line they will be able to advise you on the processing times or even provide other useful information regarding your passport inquiries.

We can arrange to pick up your documentation and take it to the relevant Passport Office on your behalf, wait 4-5 hours until processed (if your application is accepted) and then return your new Passport to you the same day.

The Passport Office Premium service means you can get your passport within 4 hours of your application being accepted. You must ring the Passport Office first on 0300 222 0000 to arrange an appointment. (We cannot do this on your behalf.)

The Passport Office will offer you the next available appointment but this may not be at the Passport Office nearest to you.  It is therefore imperative that you arrange the date, time and Passport Office location for your appointment before you ring us.

Please have this information to hand so that we can advise you further with regard to cost. You will also need to supply us with a letter of authority for our courier to act on your behalf.

NB. It is the responsibility of the Client to fill out the forms correctly; this is not the responsibility of Gas Motorcycle Couriers. Also please be aware that any rejection of passport/visa application is still charged at full rate.