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Anti-Tamper proof DX secure bags

Free of charge service

We provide free of charge with security and trust in mind our tamper proof heavy duty security bags sealed with a numbered tamper-proof plastic seal.

This service is perfect for that extra peace of mind secure proof of delivery situation.

These tamper-proof bags and seals are approved and produced by a company with an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 rating and are widely used within the Postal System, Leading Couriers, Banks, Insurance Companies, Solicitors, and Supermarkets.

 Client Confidentiality is extremely important to us so please ask at point of booking for this free service. NB, not all our operatives have these bags it's only a select few.

How it works: A signature is required before the placement of the seal at the collection point, and a confirmation signature at the delivery point before the unique seal is broken, additional instructions may be required.

This service is ideal for Passports/Visa's, confidential documents, cash, very expensive goods, and proof of named person receiving goods for peace of mind delivery.

High-level service whilst maintaining Speed, Reliability, and Security for that all important delivery!

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