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Busy Sheffield Courier.

posted Nov 21, 2011, 3:23 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield
Hello and welcome to Gas Motorcycle Couriers Regular Update in Sheffield.
Here at G-M-C Towers, we have been quite busy this week (14-20th Nov 2011), which is good sign..
Monday starts with a Doncaster-Birmingham central, also Sheffield-Cannock for a regular client.
Tuesday one of my regulars wanted a quote for Doncaster-Portsmouth which never came off.
Wednesday was quite.
Thursday Afternoon We took a call from a new client, We picked up where Fedex never did twice, that was Sheffield-Eastbourne, that was a bit od a late finish, in fact the rider stopped over at Northampton Motorcycle Couriers - to do a job for one of his clients on Friday, Northampton-Warwick-Manchester.
And Saturday 12 noon Took a Call from a new client north of York to pick up from North of York-London Central..
What a week, covered 1300 trouble free miles that week.. But on the down side their are more average speed camera road works on the motorway network which kind of slows me down a bit, Also I have seen more than average breakdowns on the hard shoulder throughout the motorway network.
Also Fuel prices varie from area to area.. At the moment the regular price at the pump for petrol down south on average is £1.33/5 (I have seen one station at £1.29 and then ive seen £1.40 as well), But here up north the average price is £1.32, There are quite a few stations at £1.29. So their is a big difference between up north and down south. Now Ive not really took any noticeof diesel prices but I would say expect to be robbed. And so something completey different, the weather, its now turning colder on the evenings, and my heated inner clothing has come out allowing a more comfortable warm journey whilst on the bike at night, I believe its going to get colder still. Anyway thats it for now as Im off to work. Stay in touch and to all you bikers, ride safe.