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Fuel Companies promoting cheap fuel!

posted Oct 22, 2012, 5:11 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Oct 24, 2012, 9:57 AM ]

Watch out and beware for fuel companies promoting cheaper than forecourt prices as we have recently found out!

We signed up to FastFuel (InFuel Ltd Ipswich). Luckily have only used the card twice, now at the time of using the card the first time at our local Morrisons the pump price was £1.379 per litre on Unleaded, one of the bike couriers filled up with 18.39 ltrs of regular Unleaded which at forcourt price would have been £25.35, but when he used the card for the first time, we were surprised when we got the invoice through (bearing in mind we was told for that week it was 1.137ppl) the bill was for £27.12, which in calculation equates to £1.474 at Morrisons!! Yes we have been on the phone to said company to solve this issue, only to be told we dont do credits below a £5!!! So in a nutshell these companies want your business by promoting cheaper fuel for business, but in reality they are worse than the government for robbing you!!

In a nutshell.

  1. Morrisons forecourt price £1.379 @ 18.39 ltrs = £25.35
  • FastFuel forecourt price £1.137+ vat @ 18.39 ltrs = £27.12??? = £1.474pl

This company are quick enough to sign you up, but the customer services is not alot to be desired.

The things they promise but dont deliver.

  • Weekly Update on current fuel price.

  • Communication.

  • Update amended Invoice.

  • Re emburse or credit your account because its less than a fiver.

  • Cheaper than forecourt prices.

Now we are waiting for the next recent invoice to come through, the current forecourt price was £1.389 and again we filled up this bike with 16.03ltrs of regular unleaded which at forecourt price should be £22.27, so will keep you updated from Sheffields only sameday motorcycle courier service.

UPDATE: Invoice has just come through £20.84+ vat which equates to £25.01 thats fast fuels (In Fuel Ltd) price, now forecourt price as a regular punter £22.27, so wheres the logic.
So in a nut shell, these so called fuel companies who are meant to be cheaper than forecourt prices are actually lying, they sign you up and basically rob you. :-(