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Sheffield courier using a London same day courier.

posted Feb 13, 2013, 8:16 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Mar 1, 2013, 8:01 AM ]

Today we used a rather big courier company for one of our regular clients, the service we asked for, and made it crystal clear we wanted urgent express dedicated delivery.

The customer service we received was to say the least very poor, we called and spoke to Hayley at 09.50am to book for an 11am collection, by the time card payment was taken at 10.20am due to IT problems, I did ask because of the nature of the job it needs to be collected around 11am and we did call at 09.50am to book, we were told at least an hour to an hour and half for collection but cannot guarantee 11am.

 So called around 11.15 for an update, and was told unsure about collection but delivery would be around 13.00hrs (1pm), so called again around 12.30pm and was told the same.

Now come 13.00hrs (1pm) we received a call from Mark from Big Courier Company to informed us that there was a problem, so after a few calls the situation was resolved, and the driver had now collected by 13.10pm, in all this time we received one call and that was because the driver had problems, compairing our customer service to what this company customer service is like is absolutely poor, whilst speaking to Mark I asked why all the problems, to his reply was IT problems blah blah blah, now as a customer this is not my problem, my problem is the times and lack of updates and delivery?, I also asked for a delivery time, which he said 40-60mins which is fair enough as it is London, and we knew it would be an hour for a 15 mile drive.

Anyway come 14.25, I called again as we have not heard anything or had not been updated, to ask about delivery, to which the reply was it was delivered at 14.05, well nice of them to let me know.

Anyway the customer service was not alot to be desired and we for one would not recommend this courier company unless you want a shabby service, we have been asked in the past by this company to sub contract to them we declined.

We did send an email for there review board on the service standard, but doubt if it will make the review board.

Our conclusion is if you require an expensive shabby service, with all sorts of excuses and poor customer service (in which we have written a review on our experience, whether it makes the comment board is another matter) we would recommend these bigger companies, but if you want quality where it matters at a cost that is affordable, who can keep to there promise unlike some, then look no further, as your smaller business's would run hoops around the bigger well known companies.