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Gas Motorcycle Couriers Sheffield and another 439miles

posted Mar 6, 2012, 1:34 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 2:02 AM ]
05/03/2012. Gas Motorcycle Couriers of Sheffield completed 2 Jobs for a regular customer. Destination Somewhere Nr Brackley for collection, then off to Birmingham for delivery, back to Brackley for collection, and off upto York before 4pm, all completed in designated time frames without any hicups and another 439 miles. Started off with a full tank of fuel and filled up again in Birmingham after looking for the cheapest station 1.34ltr, then topped up again J1 M18 Eastbound at Morrisons 1.33ltr. Still have half a tank left when arrived home. Have noticed considerable price differences on the price of petrol around the country Ranging from 1.32/3ltr from Supermarkets to 1.49ltr at services and rural stations.

We as motorcycle couriers go, are one of the cheapest couriers in the UK compaired to our collegues down south and like our collegues our services just dont stop at collecting and delivering, we like them, are a specialist service, our prices are low because we want your business and stay competitive, and not to lose out to other couriers who operate other type vehicles.

People think Bikes are cheaper to run than vans, this may be on fuel cost? but thats about it, everything else is costly compaired to a small van.
Take tyres for instance, Small van tyres range from budgets to branded names from £25-60 and can last upto 60,000 depending on tyre and driving skill.
Bikes -their price range are from £65-120+ for the front £80-160+ for the rear depending on brand, these can last from 2000-12000 miles again depending on riding style, now if you do the maths, this will certainly tell you that a bike is more expensive just on tyres alone, so please bare this in mind next time you get a quote and wonder why our quote was a tad more costly than Joe Blogs Couriers with a van around the corner.
But generally Motorcycle couriers offer a specialist service.

But Remember whilst theirs increasingly more congestion and traffic on our network of roads, there is more chance of your package arriving later than expected. You dont get this problem with a motorcycle, we beat congestion, we filter through traffic, we reach speeds that keeps us in the fast lane, and if you believe in keeping the planet green then a Motorcycle is the favourite choice.