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Gas Motorcycle Couriers are 1 year old

posted Sep 19, 2011, 2:20 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield
Gas Motorcycle Couriers 1st year of trading.
Its been 1 Year since the set-up of Gas Motorcycle Couriers as well as the official registration with HMRC as the start date of 27/09/2010.. We are still trading so their must be a call for bike couriers, but its been hard going, if anyone thinks its easy and can earn good money please feel free to set up, its a lot harder than you can imagine.
We have 1 paid yell advert, 4 x active domains and another 5 x domains laying dormant which will be activated soon. I also have 3x self employed motorcycle couriers on hand so thanks to Steve who has been with us for over 3 months, P and John who has recently joined by accident, John by the way, was couriering for a well known euro car parts company recently for 6 days on a self employed basis in which he got no fuel allowance, I gave him 1 job For Leeds to London (8hrs) he was paid 1 week later, that 1 job minus the fuel cost was 1/2 of his weekly wage from his last job, hes over the moon on how much he got paid for that 1 job.
 we are also part of a network of fully Insured UK Couriers and Motorcycle couriers, please have a look at my recommended motorcycle courier page. Anyway We are looking forward to the 2nd year ahead and hopefully we shall go from strength to strength in the region. Thanks again for using the sameday motorcycle courier Gas Motorcycle Couriers.