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Gas Motorcycle couriers are on the up

posted Sep 30, 2011, 2:04 PM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield
Today 30/09/11 Gas bike couriers had a booked job for a regular client Wakefield-Liverpool, In which it was completed,but in the mean time one of G-M-C's bike couriers was booked for a Sheffield-Birmingham, for a am pickup and drop, in which it was completed with a happy satisfied customer who has also left a Excellent Review on FreeIndex, Also after drop off at Liverpool, a client who required a quote thursday evening, booked my services for a Oldham, Manchester-Swindon run, and so I took the job and arrived at the Oldham postcode at around 11.30 for a 3pm arrival at Swindon, but what a day, Sunny, warm and 500 miles of Tarmac, on A roads and motorways, and getting paid for something I love, What more can a man ask for..