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Gas Motorcycles on the up

posted Nov 29, 2011, 1:56 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield
Yesterday 28/11/11. Took a job on for a new client in Manchester to collect from Halifax to deliver in Manchester (another media group), In the process of collecting from a well known company in the enterainments industry, I gained a new client, and thats just from turning up on a motorcycle, after a general chat a formal handshake and exchanging of business cards, I think to myself this is what its all about. Im not just a courier, Im a motorcycle courier, sales man, a boss, and nobody to answer to. Anyway after collecting the goods and dropping off.. I was fortunate to bump into another M/C courier from Manchester, after a general chin wag, the guy i spoke to was ok, but the company he worked for not so good, talk about low mileage pay (0.55pplm) and long hours.. and out of all that he has to have his own hire+reward motor insurance, its not all roses though, he doesnt have to pay for internet / advertising / his GIT/ PL insurance / overheads so on and so forth well basically everything to do with your own business... Anyway Must sign off, incoming calls.. Back soon in a week or so.