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posted Sep 13, 2011, 1:52 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield
As Its that time of year for my One year renewal, Yes Gas Motorcycles Couriers will be one year old at the end of the month, Anyway yell renewal, I asked for a repeat service, but without the 118, as i think 118 is of no use, and i also ask for the continuation of yell, so customers can still see me. Well.(I think salesmen are only good for one thing). And they dont listen, It went down for 7 days ( thats 7 days loss of business), And I find my coverage is for 1 city and 2 villages, I was not sold this, I was sold the S postcode coverage front page (not sponsored listing). So I look under courier services and I can find My listing, So i Delve deeper and I Find Gas motorcycle Couriers Under Motorcycle couriers in some areas which under yells rules is not a category. And so the Saga Continues, I was Told by the sales guy, I was covered under the South Yorkshire Heading, And so I looked Under Barnsley South Yorkshire And Doncaster South Yorkshire, and yes Im not Listed.. So I think I may get rid of yell. I was trying to ask the sales man about this, but kept repeating i have South Yorkshire, And so I kept repeating about Barnsley and Doncaster, and so he says their not South Yorkshire and also not Sheffield postcodes.. Im losing a battle here, so the plug going to be pulled.