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posted Mar 21, 2012, 12:18 PM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield
Received a call this afternoon from a local lad, who asked if I repair bikes, after small talk he recognises my voice, and after arranging a time for me looking at his wifes bike, off I set.
The bike is a 2000 model Honda CBR600 with a turns over wont start fault, after my initial checks to make sure there is a spark at the coils (nothing) so I then proceed to find the CDI, after checking wire condition to make sure theres no corroded wires (which is a common fault on most bikes), I check again for a spark and hey presto we have a spark, but no fire, so check plugs for spark condition, I replace the plugs for new ones, then reassemble all components that I have removed, once tank is on and connected, I hit the button and she springs into life!!!! Another problem solved and another satisfied bikey...