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how to receive no more work as a new courier.

posted Dec 18, 2012, 4:33 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Feb 17, 2013, 8:57 AM ]

The title is aimed at those who can talk the talk and find it amusing to waste our time. We receive quite a few calls from people who want to work as a self employed same day courier.

I recently took a chap out on a same day tender collection delivery, as this particular service is a bit more in depth, and judging by his enthusiasm he was ready to earn good money, so a couple of days later (last thursday) we gave him the oppurtunity to go out on his own, it was a huddersfield to Glastonbury trip, nothing spectacular, he would of received for this Job as a subbie near on £200, but could we get hold of him.. NO! tried his phone a couple of times which went to voicemail (did leave messages), sent emails, with no reply, and to this date we still have not received a reply back.

In this case he won't hear from us again, he's had his chance and blew it.

Now you say £200 thats not alot, well take £60 for fuel(diesel) inc running costs (this figure is a rough estimate), that leaves £135 divide that figure into 8 hours, thats £16.87 per hour, now the longer you take the less per hour and vica versa, now it sounds a bit better when you say it like that, who else will pay that rate as a driver/rider.

So this guy proved to be unreliable, he certainly could talk the talk, we also receive calls from potential no goers, who want to know the ins and outs of becoming a courier and have nothing to offer, I also receive calls from folk who have bikes that are not suitable, with less capacity than a 500cc, this really is of no use to us unless we are doing city work, Imagine Leeds to London on a 125cc or 250cc custom, after a few weeks, they would give up...

We recently for a new client in London collected in Halifax around 4pm, and had to take the documents upto Pitlochry Scotland for delivery (end of), but due to the importance of these documents with a lot of money at stake, we had a discussion, it was agreed we could get them back to London by monday morning guaranteed and far quicker than RM's signed for service, in which we kept to our word, due to the weather conditions in Scotland it was agreed a small van or car would be more suitable, our client is chuffed to bits with the level of service and communication received, by the way there were 4 companies involved with these documents, so thats 4 more potential clients.

This particular job to a subbie could have been worth £400, thats £18 per hour with fuel + running costs taken out, not dangling carrots here, we are just saying looking at the missed out earning potential if you don't answer the phone! £600 for 25 hours work as a subbie, trying earning like for like with DHL, Yoda, city sprint, TNT just to name a few as a subbie... You won't because they pay alot less.