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London olympics 2012 and motorcycle couriers

posted Apr 24, 2012, 3:58 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated May 18, 2012, 1:39 AM ]

The Olympic Delivery Authority and Justine Greening the Secretary of State for Transport have discussed the level of penalty charges and associated fees that should apply for civil contraventions of parking and other traffic management measures in Traffic Regulation Orders and Notices made for defined Games purposes on the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and elsewhere in England.
So this will probably be a Transport logistical nightmare for most especially for Business's in the area, and those solely relying on collection and deliveries, please be rest assured you can rely on the trusty motorcycle courier to quickly transport your parcels to go. Also be aware in certain parts of London the overground transport system this may also be crammed to capacity or may be directed away from the ORN, which may mean big bikes and touring type motorcycles may struggle to filter in certain parts of central london as its heavily congested and with the added ORN this could be a problem, but at least they will not be stuck in traffic for hours, but we also operate out of hours so this will not be a problem either.

On another note update on recent events at Gas Motorcycle couriers, we have been busy, including transporting some important microphone logo cubes to London for next day world Poker tournament championships in Berlin, also helping out Northampton Motorcycle couriers for a Manchester Delivery, also a new client in Leeds with knee and hip joints for a coventry Hospital Delivery. We are becoming established throughout Yorkshire which is a good sign, but its been a uphill struggle to get where we are now, for those who may think its easy to set up a motorcycle courier business or run as self employed couriers.. Its Not!
 Its that time of year for the accounts to be checked >april 5 ready for end of year submission to HMRC, this is make or break time, the biggest killer in this industry is Fuel Cost and Insurance cost.
On prediction hopefully our second year will be better than our first year but again this depends on how much expenditure was made on fuel.

Anyway we will keep you updated, Regards Gas Motorcycle Couriers.