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My God How Much

posted Aug 22, 2011, 12:42 PM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Feb 7, 2012, 9:24 AM ]

The heading is aimed at those who think its expensive to use a motorcycle courier, its not about Quantity its all about Quality.. well I have looked at other competitors, if you can call them competitors, firstly I checked these guys prices, I nearly fell over.. £45+vat for local sameday (compared to my measley £15 local sameday delivery) and Sheffield to London £160+vat (compared to my £154.60 no vat) thats

 And the other company ( or the 4th emergency as they class themselves, quoted nearly Double my price, and then they have the cheek to ring Me (GMC) to do the job for them... Hold on... Theirs only 1 company operating in Sheffield and surrounding areas that I know of who are classed as motorcycle couriers and thats Gas-Motorcycle-couriers (G-M-C), As for mercury I dont know if they are trading as Ive tried to contact them on a number of occasions without success, and then their are also van only courier companys in sheffield who have never had motorbikes or intend to have motorcycles, and now listing themselves as having motorcycles, so they can earn money off my back, Now thats cheeky, If the van courier want a bike then be prepared to pay my price and not subbys price BE WARNED.... If you want a motorcycle courier then cut out the middle man, who will quote you more and probably let you down, if you would like a reliable quality motorcycle courier then call us direct.