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Nationwide fast deliverys by motorcycle.

posted Jul 13, 2012, 6:43 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield
13/7/12 Well the last 2 weeks have been very good for us, we've managed to for fill all enquiries, whilst collecting and delivering your packages, parcels and tenders to there destinations in good time.
As this is written Martyn has just collected in the DN postcode to deliver in Aberdeen Scotland, also Gary has just delivered a very important Tender to Wales today, we have been all over the UK this week, including London on Lock down olympics day for one of our Important regular clients.. This Olympics is a pain especially for London Deliveries. We were also Banbury delivery for one of our regulars also Bristol for a one off delivery..

On another note, to say there are folk out of work around the UK, theirs not much enquiries coming to Gas Motorcycle Couriers, and those that do apply either dont fit the criteria, or we cannot get hold of them ie phone switched off!!

Also we are running a limited service as of 15-26 July as staff are taking holidays.
Will keep you updated.