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New client and the ultimate courier bike.

posted Nov 8, 2012, 3:20 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Nov 8, 2012, 3:22 AM ]

Ok yesterday we received a call in the morning from a new prospective client, asking for a quote in which they were happy to go ahead, the collection was at 10.30am to be delivered at Avonmouth by 2pm, and so one of our riders set off, after 171 miles later he arrived on his trusty motorcycle fresh as a daisy around 1.15pm with paperwork ready to be signed, the bike in question was the Honda ST1100 Pan European.

The Honda is well known for its comfortable long distance touring ability, which makes it suitable for what we do, and it looks pleasing to the eye as well which is a plus point if the client see's the bike (first Impression Counts), this particular bike has had all the mods done to her, so nothing to worry about for the next couple of years as long as the maitenance is kept upto date, she offers all weather protection, and compaired to the BMW its more roomier and better quality, my moto is if its good enough for the police its good enough for us, these bikes don't do so well filtering in cities that are crammed with traffic unlike your smaller bikes, but we don't really do local courier work, we do long distance work which is where the ST1100 / 1300 comes into its own, now the Triumph Tiger is not far behind, but the only drawback is the weather protection that Triumph offer. Age of the Honda may play apart in the reliability issue, for instance bikes pre-96/7 had engine block issues leaking water from the block around the o/s exhaust area (cracked blocks were common) I dont think there was a recall on the issue, they also had brake issues, corrossion issues, electrical issues, overheating problems, but again most of the issue's could have been avoided by regular maintainance.

The pan is known for 200,000+ miles and is a capable bike, their are a handfull of us independant motorcycle couriers around the UK who use's ST1100 / 1300, and they will all praise the Honda, so if your looking for the best bike for courier work then I would suggest a Pan European and if you cannot afford a Pan the the NTV650 will suffice.