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Passport and Visa collection delivery service same day

posted Oct 11, 2012, 4:15 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Oct 12, 2012, 4:17 AM ]

We aim to collect and deliver passports as well as visa's with corresponding documents from Sheffield's UKBA or any other of Sheffield's passport offices's within 60 minutes , that's if we have riders available, and deliver immediately after collection has taken place anywhere nationwide.

We can also deliver and/or collect visa's, passports or documents to or from any embassy or passport / visa processing centre in London in the time allocated or in a timely manner, as we have done so in the past, not just for Individual Clients but for companies who are applying for visa's to enter certain countries on company business.

We not only collect and deliver passports, but we also collect and deliver documents, media, cheques, tenders, trackers, parts, jewellery, mobiles, laptops, clothing, keys, surveillance equipment, specialist materials, microphone cubes plus much more.

We also have and use DX Secure heavy duty tamperproof bags which uses a unique numbered tag for that piece of mind all important secure proof of delivery.

So if you require a fast rapid collection and delivery service, that requires attention to detail, with a personal service and flexability in mind you can count on Gas Motorcycle Couriers Sheffield.