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Swift - quick - rapid - fast - response - Sheffield - courier.

posted Sep 7, 2012, 1:47 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Apr 25, 2016, 4:13 AM ]

Swift fast acting rapid response service that can deliver excellence beyond your expectations! why not choose a motorcycle courier that you can rely on for speed - reliability - security - we are here to help!

Well, it's gone mad here at gas towers. Wednesday pm -we took a call for an urgent collection in Leeds for a central London delivery as well as a Sheffield to North London before 10am, I'm not turning that down, both clients require an urgent courier and chose the right company, so started off at 10pm for the urgent collection in Leeds to finish back in Sheffield at 0530 am, but then from 10.30am the calls are coming in from around the country, well "I thought" may as well return to work.

1145am the phone rings, and its one of our regulars asking if I had any riders available, So my reply was "there's just myself at the Moment the others are on holiday", they replied "so can you urgently collect this cheque and rush down to Banbury (132 miles) for 1pm delivery???" anyway after negotiations, both companies agreed to a 14.30pm deadline.

so after the initial urgent call for a matter of urgency, with a speedy breakfast and quick set-off, I personally was there for 1250am, I collected the urgent package and was off for 1pm, I rode the motorcycle to an inch of its life just like a rapid courier on an urgent mission should - FAST!!! - now that's 132 miles in an hour and a half, now you do the maths because that's Quick!

Our small company based in Sheffield are classed as a fast rapid response Courier service or a speedy courier service or some may call it the 4th emergency service but we like to call it our sandard faf courier service.