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Quiet times ahead.

posted Jan 27, 2014, 2:48 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Jan 29, 2014, 5:16 AM ]
We are now in January 2014 & as the title states January - April or financial year ending can be quite quiet for some.

We are ticking over but not busy, don't get us wrong we've received quite a few calls from potential new clients, but overall they are looking for cheap quotes, by that we mean these potential clients wanting our service for the price of a first class stamp.
 With seeing more business's shopping around for cheaper alternatives, does this mean they are cutting back and refining their expenditure because of other issues?

If your looking for work you may find it hard this time of year, we are not really recruiting as our work is on tickover and we like to keep our existing self employed happy, and without them we would'nt be where we are today, se we would like to take this oppurtunity to thank them all for the hard work and effort they have put in.

You may have noticed a "Just Giving" sponsor me in the right hand Column..  And as the write up states, Gary the owner and operator of this business, has recently lost his long time partner, friend, soulmate and recently wedded wife to a horrible disease that we all know as Cancer, and not one particular cancer but 5 which all stems as secondary from another cancer which she had the all clear by 2005.
She was a lovely person, who cared and put others first, but most of all she was inspirational with a lovely smile and made others laugh.
Now Gary hasn't really been himself, not just because he lost his wife in November 2013, but also lost his Father to prostate cancer end of September 2013, so it has been a really hard few months for him, but give him credit where credits due, he has not let the business slip into destruction, and has kept it together, or is it the business that has kept him together and giving him something to focus on, I don't know, but the main thing is he is ok under the circumstances.
Anyway if you would like to show your support please donate as much or as little as you want to the Just Giving fund raiser.

Gary has raised through friends nearly a thousand pounds, split between Cavendish Cancer Care and Macmillan Pallative Care Sheffield, through their wedding and the funural wake, which we think is a big achievement and to raise that amount on two seperate events as well, with the addition of whatever amount that has been raised online since..
Cavendish Cancer Care are a charity who solely rely on fund raising and people's generosity to keep afloat, they do not receive any funding from trusts, Government and alike, but yet they provide a service on behalf of the NHS, and what a good service it is.
I think Gary may well be talking of a sponsored shave, cutting his beloved goatee to raise as much cash as possible, this we think will be taking place soon, the highest donator will of course be doing the honours of cutting his goatee off, remember he may look like a rough type and not professional, but he is only doing this for charity, we take our hat off to him, so please show your support by just giving..