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Sheffield courier service same day

posted Jan 31, 2013, 1:32 PM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Jan 31, 2013, 1:32 PM ]

This week at Gas Towers, started off quiet, in fact its been a quiet month, but as the week has gone on the work has really started to pickup.

Yesterday, we had a collection in Barnsley to deliver in Alfreton for the same company, and having a chat with the operations manager it looks good for us, and so picked up a new client as they have 7 depots in the midlands and yorkshire and Manchester.

The calls have started to roll in which means some of our subbie couriers are starting to receive work as well.

It has also been asked before, regarding our flexible service, are gas motorcycle couriers flexible and can collect at a given time knowing a deadline is close with lots at stake?   yes is our answer.

Today we took some documents down to companies house london as its 31 January and its deadline time for accounts, would we be available from 11am on deadline day for collection as the documents would not be ready until then, and deliver before 4pm yes we can is our answer, now bear in mind this client has in the past sent documents before by RM special delivery guaranteed to companies house and they did not meet the deadline, which meant my client would be penalised by HMRC. (ouch!) We are the cheaper option.
We talked in depth about this service and they were more than happy to go ahead. So collected by 11. 15am and headed for London, now by 2. 30pm, we were informed of the delivery, So was personally on the phone to my client to let them know the documents had been delivered, with a stamp of proof of receiving the documents, plus the name of the person who accepted them, after our conversation his reply was you could have not got a better service from anyone else, and was very happy with our service, and a sence of relief knowing his worries are over after past experiences.
So if you require a dedicated, flexible, professional, affordable and fast same day courier service, you can trust Gas Motorcycle Couriers Sheffield to deliver.