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Sheffield bike courier.

posted Dec 10, 2011, 3:45 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Dec 10, 2011, 3:47 AM ]
Hello and welcome back to G-M-C towers. Well Friday the 9th Dec was a new record mileage breaker, I personally have broken my personal best mileage as a motorcycle courier I have clocked up 530 miles in the day. It all started 12.30am collection In barnsley to go home for a 5am start to Blandford Forum delivery at 9am for a client (who I take my hat off as he was (due to Injury) a mbr of the armed forces). Then off to Lutterworth for collection @ 1pm for Northhampton Motorcycle Couriers Client for a Leicester delivery and then a 16:00hr Scunthorpe delivery, then back to Sheffield for 17:00. What a ride and seeing the sunrise was fantastic, I encountered all weathers from a nice sunny dry day to snow with wind and rain in between. The standard of some car drivers was not alot to be desired, some shocking driving standards on the motorways, no wonder theirs alot of accidents, I even encountered a cat and mouse chase on the M1 which affected me slightly resulting in Hard braking and lane swapping to avoid these Idiots, I guess one driver must have upset the other driver in the way he was driving, I was at this point tempted to phone the police and give the registrations and location and keep up with the the front car, but this could have put me in danger, so I left it and carried about my business, they were lucky.  Anyway Its time to Log off her at GMC, will be back soon. By for now and be safe.