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Stories of earning £500+ as a motorcycle courier!

posted Feb 20, 2012, 9:50 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated May 18, 2012, 1:20 AM ]
I have read many a thread regarding motorcycle owner/riders wanting to become motorbike couriers with the earning potential of up to £500 gross+ per week.

In this economic climate things are difficult, the Government are squeezing every penny out of us, companies are shopping around for cheaper alternatives, Insurance cost is crippling the transport industry, Fuel Costs and the likes of and van competitors are driving the costs down plus the new start ups who think they can earn big money, all this has an overall effect on the courier Industry in general.

Well here at Sheffield Motorcycle couriers, this figure can be achievable if the work is there, like I said if the work is there and you are committed, this is achievable but you have to be dedicated and cover a lot of loaded miles and plenty of hours in the saddle, this does not include the mileage when returning empty from delivery.
Please don't think your going to earn big money instantly because you are not, we dont charge to add you to our list of couriers looking for work either.
But please take into account the outlay of the cost of the motorcycle the Insurances (H&R, GIT, PL no not SDP Insurance), fuel, wear and tear, clothing and helmet, accessories, road tax, tyres, servicing costs etc, you can offset all this against your PAYE threshold and you may or may not have to pay TAX and NI depending if you have an exemption certificate from HMRC.

Also take into account if your going to run you're own business the cost of getting your customers to you with all the Admin costs, media/advertising, phone, equipment, stationary, Drawings, Sundries and the all-important Accountancy, you may also have to consider your competition to be in a competitive market.
Some have started and failed others just thought about it but was put off by cost, But Gas Motorcycle Couriers Sheffield are still here and still trading, we have a growing customer base in other cities such as Leeds, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham and Wakefield and so we cover these cities.

So you think you can earn big money as a bike courier?

There is a lot of hard work involved and it's not what it seems, you're probably thinking how hard can it be riding from point A to point B in the sunshine now the weather is warmer, delivering parcels, documents and packages by motorcycle earning a lot of beer money?. .

Well easier said than done!
We are not discriminating riders because they ride in a certain warm seasons or because they wear certain type clothing or ride certain type bikes, it's the ability to ride in all seasons, it's the ability to show that you have gone to great lengths and are prepared to outlay for all costs to get the work, but even if you have done this, this does not mean you can do the job! In the way we want you to do it.  Like it say's in the beginning of this paragraph "easier said than done!"

Anyone can ride a motorcycle, but it takes a certain type of person who can be presentable, understand the words reliable and initiative, ride in a professional manner safely, concentrate on the collection and delivery side of things, keep in constant communication, listen to instructions given, fill in paperwork correctly, plus give good customer service, even after 12 hours in the saddle on a miserable cold and wet day being cut up by car/van drivers and whatever else can be thrown at you, and still have to be on your toes and think ahead, basically your representing G-M-C and what we stand for.

If you fit the above criteria and you are available in the Yorkshire region, we would love to hear from you!

Here at Gas Motorcycle Couriers we are bombarded with telephone and email enquiries from people wanting jobs as motorcycle couriers, who think they are supplied a bike with all the insurances, sorry but we don't supply bikes or insurance cover, also on the subject of receiving emails we do not want emails with bad spelling or grammar this basically tells us a lot about you, we expect good grammar and spelling as first impressions count, don't be disappointed if you receive a reply stating the obvious as you have not followed instructions!  Like we said first impressions count! And boy have we had some bad emails, we have replied with hints but some folk dont take hints, therefore we have to be blunt.