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Thanks Northampton Motorcycle Couriers.

posted Jan 13, 2012, 7:17 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Mar 11, 2012, 9:29 AM ]
13.01.2012 I have just got back in from a round trip of 278 miles, I collected directly from chris of Northampton motorcycle couriers @ northampton services, I was personally acting as an ambassador and delivered on behalf of chris of Northampton Motorcycle Couriers to the center of Manchester. The Item was time sensitive with a deadline of 12noon, I managed to deliver within the timescale and covered 140 miles in 2hr 10 mins. I have in the past done a few jobs for chris acting as an ambassador, I have to say the way he runs his company is in a professional manner and this has rubbed off onto me personally, please dont take this the wrong way, but he will only use fully insured couriers who act in a professional manner who also represents Northampton Motorcycle Couriers in the way he wants. His clients keep coming back to his company because of the level of service he gives, Our attention to detail and reliability ensures Northampton Motorcycle couriers keep using Gas Motorcycle Couriers regularly. Thanks Chris.