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The only suitable fast courier service for todays roads

posted Aug 22, 2013, 1:54 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Oct 2, 2013, 9:50 AM ]

Is it us, or are our network of roads becoming more restricted, due to volumes of traffic and the accidents that follow?

 So as I was saying about congestion on our roads, anyway imagine your important package is on route, taking time to get through to its destination, your allowing a few hours travel from A to B but due to all the congestion and accidents you hear about on the radio Sally Traffic reports, and time is now critical, and your your now becoming stressful as you may lose £££££ an hour or you just want it there quickly, whatever the reason, dont you wish you now chose a motorcycle! when its a question of speed the motorcycle courier service is the best all-round solution, when your wanting reliability just take a look at our reviews, and if its security your looking for, look no further all our riders are hand picked professionals who know how to look after your package and are not interested in its contents they can also sniff out potential problems as well which can be very useful (or take a look at our reviews).

So your choice.... If your wanting a very cheap sameday service then look else where this is something we do not offer, but we do offer the dedicated service person to person, another service we can offer is next day by where we can collect on your behalf and resend by royal mail complete with Track Number for Nextday delivery before 9am or 1pm, but if your wanting speed, reliability and security with confidentiality and communication as part of the service then our direct service is for you, here are some examples of times for vans Leeds - Central London 5 - 10 hours depending on service provided, as we keep quoting we are dedicated express, so our times are Leeds - Central London 3.5 - 5 the reason for the higher number is to make allowance for any heavy congestion, any London traffic which can take an hour just to get from within the M25 to Central London, remember in very heavy congestion we cannot travel at max permissable speed for that road, but we can move alot faster than the other vehicles that are slower gaining progress.

The best time to use a van is late in the evening or during the early hours, when everyone has gone home, and the roads are only occupied by professionals, that my preferable time if travelling by var or van.