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Ultimate long distance Courier Bike.

posted Sep 28, 2012, 1:44 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Sep 30, 2012, 4:22 PM ]

Yorkshires premier fast sameday motorcycle courier logistics

Dare we say it, yes its the Honda Pan European, we have recently took delivery of a nice ST1100, the ultimate long distance courier bike.

Anyway the ST1100 is excellent on fuel with oil changes every 10,000 miles

On recent test the MPG is variable, a full tank is 28 ltrs (6.16 Gall), theres 5 ltrs left when light comes on.
On test one yesterday the bike travelled 233 miles before light came on so this affectively used 23 ltrs (just checked fuel receipt 23.2 ltrs) in 233 miles, at an average speed of 70mph including built up areas so this is estimated at 46.04 MPG or 10 miles per ltr. 43.52
On test 2, the speed was reduced as majority of riding was on the motorway and A roads, average speed was around 60 including urban, so this meant slower motorway speed ie 50-60mph, now the bike has covered 270 miles and the fuel needle is just above the Red on the fuel gauge, so estimate another 50 miles before the light might come on, now thats 59.47 MPG (12.85 miles travelled on every ltr, so the cost would be whatever the pump price, so thats £1.40 per 12.85 miles or £6.35 per 59.5 miles travelled). So in respect to running costs this price doesnt include wear and tear, servicing.. No this is straight forward full cost, We had a client the other day, wanting a quote for urgent Sheffield to London "its a small package" we were quoted, (as if that would change the quotation), so they were quoted, it went quiet for a couple of seconds, she says I thought it was going to be £40-60 pounds (Hold on, it would cost that in fuel alone), it would be usefull if clients read the FAQ's they may find this usefull and understanding..

On the other hand we have been busy with the new bike, since we've collected it, its already done a thousand miles in the few days of ownership.
She's been to Manchester twice, Nottingham, Leeds and Heathrow for a passport plus the miles from collecting her in Whitehaven to Sheffield, she has behaved impeckably as you would expect from a Pan European, and offers excellent weather protection as we have recently found out with all the rain :(, and she looks good which is important to the client as first impression counts.
Anyway must go at Gas Towers, will keep you updated. bye for now