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GMC in York

posted Feb 27, 2011, 10:36 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Feb 27, 2011, 11:56 AM ]
Well I got to say Im on a run this weekend, I took another job today 27/02/2011, my destination was York, so off I go on my motorcycle to collect my consignment nearby and make headway for york, the weather is hit and miss but I didnt get caught up in the rain, but I have noticed this weekend that the majority of motorists on the motorways and major A roads are not speeding, if anything they are getting the best out of their MPG, I was not above 65mph, and my riding style has changed since the price hike on fuel costs, from fast takeoffs and last minute braking, too slow and steady riding, so thus Im not wearing my tyres or excess fuel, If anything Im trying to get the max out of my tyres and MPG. But this behaviour could be down to the fuel rise and the Goverment trying to rob us with the economic climate and so folk are trying to get the most out of motoring.
 If this weekend is anything to go by, I cant wait for the following month.