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Urgent Same day delivery Courier.

posted Feb 16, 2012, 5:08 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated Mar 11, 2012, 9:20 AM ]
14/02/2012. Gas Motorcycle Couriers Leeds recieved a call from a client around 5pm, as a matter of urgency, he wanted his passport, wallet, euro's and some shoes collecting from the York area, to be delivered very quickly to a Hotel in Cambridge.
 After taking payment we dispatched a rider to collect within an hour, the rider arrived at around 6pm. The rider took a few details and signature for the collection paperwork that needed to be filled in whilst using our heavy duty secure bag for security reasons. By 6.10pm he was on his way, the rider rode very quickly to the destination of Cambridge for delivery he arrived at the Hotel by 9pm. I believe the client needed the contents as a matter of urgency as he had just booked a flight to spain for 6.10am, after the rider had arrived, and sat down to a nice cuppa supplied by the Hotel, the rider leant an ear to the client as to the reason behind the urgency, after watching a couple of you tube clips, chatting and looking at photos of a young lad who had a future and hearing about the past, present and what could have been the future in motor racing, he was also took under the wing of Lewis Hamilton of F1.
It is apparent that the client had suffered a loss and it was not connected in anyway with motorsport (in which we are sorry to hear about and we send our condolences), but we are here to help if we can, we are not just sameday couriers, motorcycle couriers, next day delivery couriers or any other type of courier. We can be a friend or someone to lend an ear and just listen, under certain circumstance some companies may charge for that time, but I could not do this and this can be a comfort to some and a great help to others.