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why is the motorcycle courier more expensive than a van courier?

posted May 21, 2012, 2:30 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated May 24, 2012, 2:38 PM ]
If a self employed motorcycle courier or motorcycle courier business covers more than 50,000 miles a year on each bike, they will use roughly to date May 2012:

5,000 litres of petrol average cost 1.40 p/l averaging 45 MPG.
5 back tyres costing £130 EACH£650
3 front tyres costing £110 EACH£330
5 extra tyres due to punctures£610
Servicing @ dealers. 6000 service interval and the costly one every 12000.
Insurances (annual):

Hire & Reward insurance for ONE bike£300
Goods in Transit insurance£187
Public Liabilty insurance£100
Breakdown cover
Road Tax

If the courier charges for EXAMPLE £1.00 per loaded mile, one way from collection to delivery, most get paid A LOT less when subcontracting for big courier firms ie 0.40pllm, they will only be paid for roughly 25,000 of those total 50,000 miles. Don't forget that the price you pay them to go one way has to pay for them to ride home again! So, that is gross turnover of £25,000 minus running of 1 vehicle costs of £11,534 which leaves £13,466. (in reality it's a lot less)
This doesn't include any of the following like the 0800, business meetings, advertising, media, telephone's, internet, stationary, websites, campaign's, good quality motorcycle clothing (1000+), motorcycle sat nav (350+), luggage (750+), normal clothes, printing, support staff and subbies, meals on job, business/household bills, Income Tax and National Insurance and the all important miscellaneous and anything else that may come up from time to time.  Also, the bike that you paid £5000 for 12 months ago will now be worth £1000, and then your backup bike for just incase (for that all important rush job when your main bike is not available dont forget the running costs for that vehicle and any other vehicle you decide to use).... Its never ending!!!!

And don't forget that the motorcycle courier will be dedicated to your collection and delivery needs, unlike a van, they're faster than a van, more environmentally friendly than a van, and on this congested island they are more practical than a van.

To ride 50,000 miles at an average of 50mph takes 1000 hours or 41.66 continuous 24 hour days riding a motorcycle rain or shine, battling with everything the British and European transport systems can throw at it.

Just remember all of this the next time you get a quote from a motorcycle courier, just before you start laughing. Yes, some people do laugh, you won't hear us laughing back though! If you need a really cheap courier we suggest you use a cowboy!!. If you would like to use a seriously fast reliable and secure motorcycle courier please call: