Employment information

Employment as a same day motorcycle courier

Hello and welcome, now if you are reading this, then you must be interested becoming a self-employed bike courier. So first of all due to the way in which the work comes through, we are not looking to employ full time.

We are becoming busier with work in general in this region, and we are looking for new riders within Yorkshire to collect from Locations around the UK and France to come back to Sheffield.

 If your entitled to work in the UK and understand the English Language with excellent reading and writing skills to match, own a reliable big bike (by big we mean 500cc+ bike with a good long range fuel tank, perfect example the Honda Pan European ST) & with at least 5+yrs riding experience and live in the Yorkshire and North Midlands region then get in touch.

 It takes a certain type of person to meet the criteria we are looking for - if you want to be a bike courier you have to be willing and dedicated. Firstly you must be reliable, you must be able to work on your own initiative. If you have done this kind of work before then that's good as you will know what to expected.

If you are dreaming of riding your bike for pleasure in the sun and earning pocket money at the same time, all we are going to say is carry on dreaming, this is a dedicated job and not a stop gap

This is what's on offer:

  • Excellent earning potential

  • Riding in all weather conditions including the sun.

  • The freedom of being your own boss. Think about it, it's not rocket science.

This particular job involves distance work, i.e. London, Dundee, Cornwall even the EU, you will be out most of the day spending hours in the saddle and possible overnight stays which is not unusual, Its usually weekday work, there maybe the odd weekend work but this is very rare, there is never a set pattern.

If your interested please call for further information 07763 234 329. (Please do not call the 0800)

Due to the nature of the job and the mileage incurred, small capacity motorcycles are not suitable; it would be advisable to get an insurance quote for this kind of work first especially for those who are under 25. This will give you clear indication whether it is worth becoming a courier. It can be expensive due to the high mileage incurred.

We do not supply, so this is necessary:  
  • Do you have a large capacity reliable well-serviced motorcycle!
  • Hard luggage system?
  • GPS system with charger kit? (Not your mobile phone)
  • Bluetooth headset?
  • Insurances!
And finally when you're ready

Please send by email, your up to date CV with all relevant contact details and a brief description on the reason why you want to be a Bike courier, & if you meet our criteria then we may be in touch soon, thank you.