It is important to have the correct insurances in place if you are a courier.
You risk losing your vehicle and your customers goods if you are caught driving with the incorrect insurance in place, namely Hire and Reward motor Insurance. There has been vehicle's seized along with its contents in and around London due to incorrect Insurance the met are pretty hot on this.

We at Gas Motorcycle Couriers are fully Insured for Hire and Reward motor Insurance, Goods In Transit upto the Value of £10,000 and Public Liability for the sum of two million, we can produce these certificates on request for your own peace of mind.
  1. Hire and Reward. This is motor vehicle insurance for hire and reward similar to a taxi insurance.
  2. Goods In Transit (GIT) different levels of cover to protect your goods.
  3. Public Liability Insurance also different levels of cover to protect you and general public. 
 Goods in Transit Insurance. This covers for theft or damage of your goods whilst in the care of the courier. We use this company. Ask for Colin on 01527-593888

  Motor vehicle Insurance for Hire + Reward as well as social domestic pleasure and business use.  This insurance policy is different to normal road insurance, as normal insurance limits you to certain mileage ie 5000/6000 pa etc hence why its cheaper than courier insurance. So as a courier your driving around on a normal SDP motor insurance you risk losing your vehicle and customers goods to the Police. Now technically there are 3 types of hire + reward insurance (one being haulage and the second is courier H+R, also taxi services). Haulage means one or two drops in a journey ie Eddy Stobbard type business. With courier insurance you can drive around doing high mileage, multiple drops, with as many packages for different destinations, knowing full well you are covered, and you have no worries that you are not going to lose your vehicle for having the wrong insurance, (haulage insurance is not suitable for couriers even single drop couriers). Just to note that independant sub contracters to the likes of Hermes and yodal and other big companies who drive cars and small vans multi dropping parcels and packages are probably breaking the law. So be aware, there are Police checkpoints in and around London and UK distribution centres.

Public Liability. This protects you and other business's and members of the public if you cause an accident regardless of where you are. This insurance is not is not a requirement of the law, but is piece of mind if you cause an accident, resulting in a claim, senerio you delivering to a building and the floor is tiled and shiney, its absolutely raining cats and dogs, you have your waterproofs on, you walk into receiption a good 5 mtrs from the entrance, you are dripping water all over the shiney floor, the reception area is busy with people walking in and out, and someone slips on the area you have just walked through dripping wet. Who is responsible for this accident? It does happen, and I'm sorry and sad to say we are in a climate where everybody is claiming, yes its compensation culture. Hence why all our premiums have gone sky high. So food for though!!
We use these guys for our PL

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