Motorcycle electrical repair service covering all aspects of non starter motorcycles.

Aftermarket alarm / immobiliser removal.

Sat Nav / Accessory fitting service.

Electrical problems? Non-starters? Alarm - Immobiliser acting up? Flat Battery? Charging fault? Other electrical problems/faults? Fuel issues? Need a tune & balance of motorcycle Carburettors?

Honda - Kawasaki - Suzuki - Yamaha - Triumph - BMW - Harley Davidson - Ducati - Moto Guzzi - BSA - Norton - spy ball - Datatool - Meta

Specialist in carburettor balancing & fine tuning of carbs for all round performance.

We operate around the South & SW Yorkshire - North Notts - North Derbyshire Region.

Call or Txt 0776 3234329 for availability

Please be assured "Gary" has 34 years of experience of which 7 was an acting Authorised Examiner and QC for VOSA, he is a biker who knows his stuff and is qualified in B-Tec L2 Vehicle Electrics & Electronic Principles, with good feedback from Brittania rescue and Green Flag!

Pete is an all round classic motorcycle mechanic - Pete specialises in British bikes so between us we just about cover everything.
We have experience in removing after-market alarms / immobilisers like Datatool, Meta, & Spyball with 100% success so you can ride your pride and joy without any issues, factory fitted systems may not be covered, please call for clarification.
Electrical fault finding on classic and modern motorcycles.

NB - Full rewires is time-consuming & extremely costly to you so therefore we don't do rewires, you could ask "ferrets electrikery" if he could do it? but be prepaired to wait.

Please be assured we will also not get involved with the following either:

Factory fitted immobilisers where the ECU is part of the circuit - that's a job for the manufacturer - Chinese bikes - pit bikes - Quads - other people's mistakes and bodges - off-road machines - and re-wire projects.

Specialist Services

  • Alarm / Immobiliser removals (after market systems only)
  • Sat Nav / Phone / Electrical accessory fitment
  • Battery technician
  • Electrical faults / Non Starts / Charging Issues
  • Alternator / Regulator-Rectifier Issues
  • Carburettor issues / diagnosis
  • Motorcycle Carburettor balancing
  • Carburettor tuning
  • MOT preparation (we can also put the bike through for you).

If you have an issue may not be listed please enquire on whether we may be able to do it, there is every chance we may be able to help out.


posted May 20, 2017, 10:01 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated May 20, 2017, 10:12 AM ]

Motorcycles are more likely to give you alarm / immobiliser faults than cars because they're exposed to the elements, Datatool veto's are the worst culprit in acting up, and they are fitted in such a way that they are not easy to remove. I have personally removed many, leaving you guys happy to continue on in using your bike without the headache or problems.

On average the bill for removing alarm immobilisers is around £70, depending on the make of alarm, the type of bike and it's bodywork that its fitted to and your location, and whether someone has attempted to remove it already causing further problems (it is advisable to not interfere as this could cause further issues).

We also deal with other electrical problems, such as charging, we can also find earthing problems and corroded wires which is a major cause of non starting issues and intermmitant faults, I know from experience Suzuki have Ignition faults which are nothing to do with the immobiliser, Hyosung have the same fault as the Suzuki.

So when it comes to electrical, don't mess about just call me... I've even been known to diagnose certain bikes over the phone, in one case the TT racer Ivan Linten, his mechanic wrongly diagnosed a charging issue on a 2013 Kwak ZX10R, I told him over the phone what to do as he was competant and diagnosed the alternator windings & thank you John from Mirfield for your thank you card.

My motorcycle will not start!

posted Apr 6, 2016, 2:41 AM by Gas Motorcycles Sheffield   [ updated May 17, 2017, 9:38 AM ]

You know that feeling when the sun is shining in April, the days are becoming longer, the roads are now dry and salt-free and all you want to do is go out for a blast on your pride n joy after being tucked up in the garage over winter.

You go to your motorcycle, disconnect the battery charger, disable the alarm and nothing or the damn thing goes off and wont shut down! - alternatively with a long pause, you hit the starter button and still nothing!!!!   your heart sinks, you treble check that you have gone through all the idiot checks and still nothing!!!!!!!

Your reaction after a few attempts at idiot checks with no success is to chomp at the bike become bad tempered swearing and cursing, kicking the tyre while smoking 40 cigarettes and even try a can of "start you bastard" that you had lying around & purchased a long time ago " for the just in case", this has no effect at all & you've been missold that product, and pisses you off even further.

Your thinking WTF should I do next? ring the breakdown operator if you have one? you could phone a friend for recommendations or troll the internet for someone who specialises in fault finding of non-start bikes and possible alarm / immobiliser removal, or just beggar off to the pub for a pint or three in hoping it will fix itself when you get back or just simply just call us!

NB - Your breakdown operator will only tow you to a garage of your choice by the way, they're not mobile garages..

So you could call or text 07763234329 for availability.

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