Seeing as we ride all year round as urgent motorcycle couriers, come rain, shine, hail or snow, regardless of temperature, here is what we have reviewed so far. These items have been tested to the extreme by real bikers, not made up stories by some magazine rider whos nipped out in the rain or nipped into some freezer and only rides in July and who may have shares in sales. These bike couriers test the garments beyond testing. The best recommendations are by word of mouth.

Reviews Marks out of 10 (1=Rubbish, 5=OK, 10=Fantastic).

Duchinni D619 Bluetooth Flip Helmet.

Build Quality     6/10     lets rain in through the visor (not sealed)
Venting system    3/10    not sure if this works.
Comfort   7/10
ease of use    6/10.   Flip front is fiddly to release, securing strap is fiddly
Road noise   5/10   recommend earplugs as its noisy at speed
Bluetooth   7/10.   This is ok for the features you get
Microphone quality   9/10   this is outstanding as i can be heard clearly at high speed.
Speaker Quality   5/10   very trebly and distorted at full volume, and difficult to hear above 60mph
Customer service   6/10.
Value for money   7/10.

I bought this helmet at trade price which I think is Value for money. When I opened the box I noticed the Instructions didn't match the unit, and when testing the unit the Mic didn't work, So took back to retailer which I pointed out about the mic and instructions, when returned and fixed I still have same instructions.
The Bluetooth. Under testing the microphone was very good, I was heard clearly at high speed, but the speakers let it down by being distorted at full volume and with all the noise from the helmet you cannot hear clearly above 60 mph, the other functions work well, beware if your Bluetooth as when out of range the system resets itself, you will have to pair the Bluetooth again.
The helmet. I don't like D links on securing straps and if your strap is not secure it flaps around badly, and will drive you potty.
The interior of the helmet is comfy but if worn for long periods, the interior leaves its mark on your head. The helmet is noisy at moderate to high speed, I have used 2 sizes of windshield on the bike, and the lower shield was a bit quieter but still would use ear plugs. The Vent buttons and vents, I have tried these at speed and I am not sure if these work as I cannot feel the air flowing through the interior and so the visor steams up when stopped, The visor lets water through the top as this is not sealed also a bit sloppy on the bottom, Overall this helmet is an entry level helmet, And for the price its not that bad.
Update: Since I bought this Helmet, I have now got used to it, I still recommend earplugs anyway, I have had conversations at around 80mph with earplugs in. I also wear a head balaclava to stop the helmet leaving an inprint, and the left earpiece also digs into my ear lobe which can be uncomfortable on long journeys. Its not a bad helmet for the price.

Klan Heated Clothing. Overall score 10/10

Heated Inner Gloves    10/10
Heated Inner Jacket    10/10

Not alot to say about this product, apart from Very Good.

Akito textile Clothing   9/10

Again Good product, Does exactly what it says waterproof/windproof/warm/ ease of use/ loads of pockets.
After 10 years the suit is showing signs of wear, the velcro is not as sticky and now starts to let water in.


Akito Full Race Leathers.   9/10
Comfort.  9/10
Ease of fitting.   7/10
protection.   9/10
Waterproofed.  Not Tested always wear waterproofs over the top.  

A bit draughty on colder days, but again very good leather suite for the summer.

Alpos aluminium panniers 42/36 ltr    10/10

Good value for money product and just as good as your more expensive named brands
sturdy solid build.
water resistant.
roomy, I have had upto 15 kg in each box touring europe with no problems.
Securely fitted and easy to remove / install.
Lockable hinged Lids for added security
Separate fitting kit supplied by Klaus for 70 Euros.

Suzuki GS850G  8/10

Good, ol skool 80's muscle bike, bullet proof engine, shaft driven tourer, sort after classic.
These Bikes were used by the custom bike builders, which makes the GS 850 rare in standard condition
Down side is they are heavy and Slow compared to todays technology and they do have electrical problems.

Triumph Tiger 955i  overall score 9/10

In all my years of Biking this has to be one of the best all round motorcycles available, with the torque of a big twin and "the get up and go" of a sports bike also the distinctive sound of Triumphs Triple, its the ultimate in street bikes.

This Bike Gives Good MPG, I also recommend the standard Metzeler Tourance tyres, even when your over the recommended payload limit in a hot environment, 15000 miles is achievable on a rear tyre and 20+ for the front, as i have recently found out and would recommend a scottoiler to extend the life of your chain, my first chain was not scottoiled and was worn out by 12000 miles, Im on my second chain and now with 61000 miles with plenty of life left in it, Im also still with original rear sprocket and on my 2nd front sprocket minus 1 tooth for better MPG.

The bike is serviced regularly, and only use fully synthetic oil, it has a fitted K+N air filter and use Iridium plugs as the tank is a pain to remove.
Overall the Triumph is a good all round bike and is still one of the best bikes out their, even with its faults.

Downside of this bike is the charging system. I am on my 4th Regulator/Rectifier, they are placed in an area of no air flow, and to get to it properly, you have to remove the tank, which is a pain. 

This bike is not recommended for inexperienced short legged folk (under 5' 8" / 29" inside leg) especially with a full tank of petrol.
Reviews on this bike speak for themselves. No wonder they hold their prices on s/h models.

Honda Pan European ST1100 overall score 10/10

Well if this bike is good enough for the police, then its good enough to use as a courier bike.
This is the ultimate mile muncher with comfort and weather protection.
With its Honda reliability, following, distance covered on one tankful, this bike is the ultimate in long distance travel and is the no1 choice for sameday motorcycle couriers, Including Gas Motorcycle Couriers.
In Second place the Triumph Tiger 955i, but this machine doesn't give much in weather protection, but does offer excellent miles to the tank along with comfort on long hauls and reliability to a point.

TUZO TZG 5 Winter Glove recommended by Ride Magazine.

Absolute rubbish. Overall Score 1/10

The only thing that is good about this glove is the protection this is rated 5/10..
Waterproof - NO!
Inner Lining Atteched at the Fingers - NO!
Warm - NO! (only on summer days)
Stitching In Tact - NO!
OWNED - 4months.
RECOMMEND - Definately Not!
We can only recommend 1 item out of 10 for this glove.


Again another product recommended by Ride Magazine.
Lined and ease of fitting. Yes
Waterproof - NO!
Zips on legs - Yes but fiddly.
Pack into its own bag - Yes
The only problem with this product is its not waterproof but they do provide a bit of warmth and are wind resistant.


Again this product is recommended by ride magazine but doe's fair better than the trousers.

Waterproof - Yes, but now showing signs of small leaks.
Lined - Yes
Easy to put on - Yes
Cuffs easy to fit over gloves - Yes and No. (No to bulky winter gloves)
Down side to this jacket, water builds up on the bottom when in the sitting position, then makes its way into the trousers (especially the crouch area) not a nice feeling when its cold!!!